Private House – Kensington, London

“Historical image of the street”

The Kennsington area of West London, has many fine white stucco fronted Victorian family houses. This impressive well balanced home with beautiful aspects is situated in in a much sought after road with 80 houses all built in the same elegant style.

The Brief

Premier were approached by John Perrin Architects to deliver a project to their clients aspirations, whilst overcoming some very complexed site limitations. Our brief was to design a bespoke lift in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the project, the lift was to be of a high modern finish, with limited space travelling from the basement to the 3rd floor. There was no available pit only 100mm and a low headroom of only 2300mm. The client wanted the lift to be a focal point of the main hallway using glass and mirrored stainless steel, but not look overwhelming within the limited space available.

The Solution

Once we evaluated the specification and met with the client to get a full understanding of their requirements, we went away and put together a few different concepts. Once the client and the interior designers had seen what we could do there was no delay, we had found the perfect solution, our VPL400S bespoke platform lift.

Developing our VPL400S pit less passenger lift with a mirrored stainless steel and pinned glass structure, we ticked all the boxes. The lift has frameless glass doors and a cabin fit out in glass and mirrored stainless steel that looks amazing. The lift is rated at 250kg (enough for 3 people) and has a bespoke hydraulic drive system, vertually silent in operation as not to disturb the residents of the house.


The installation was complex as we needed to install the lift & structure in stages due to site constraints. Our engineers worked very closely with the contractor and ensured that the process was seamless. We completed the lift well within our allocated timeframe and delivered the project on time and on budget. In fact we are in the process of installing an identical lift for the same client in another property, which, I guess means Premier Platform lifts delivered what we set out to do and most impotantly we have another happy client.