royal yacht

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royal yacht

Location: Alexandra Dock, Edinburgh
Status: Completed
Lift Type: Bespoke Luxury Lift

The designs for the yachts transformation from a working ship to a luxury ‘boatique’ hotel was masterminded by The Pedley Group. The £5m conversion took more than two years to complete, and involved totally hollowing out the ship to create 14-bedroom cabins on the main deck, including four duplex rooms. Premier Lift Group were approached to design and install a stunning glass art deco inspired elevator, bespoke in every detail, that enhances the stunning lobby while ensuring optimum mobility for guests of all levels of ability.
6847 MM
0.55 M/S
450 KG
Art deco lift in hotelArt deco lift in hotel with fluted glassclassic lift design with flute glassLift controls for round lift
Lift control panel luxuryRound glass lift design
Art deco lift design
Fluted glass
Hotel lift design

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