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Location: Alderly Edge, Cheshire
Status: Completed
Lift Type: Bespoke Luxury Lift

Premier Lift Group had the pleasure of working on, what could well be considered one of the most breath-taking homes in the UK. This beautiful Cheshire home comes with a plethora of centerpiece attractions and eye-catching features. Premier Lift Group was tasked with fitting a circular glass lift that, in one sense, was to remain out of sight but had to be awe-inspiring in its own right.
9525 MM
0.62 M/S
630 KG


The homeowner approached Premier Lift Group to look at the possibility of providing a circular, fully-glazed lift for his new home.  The lift was to be positioned in a new glass atrium on the rear facade of the building. It was imperative that the lift sit comfortably with the architectural concept yet provide a real wow factor when inside the lift itself.

The lift was to travel at 1m/s from the underground car park to the Master Bedroom Suite on the top floor, serving four floors in total. The lift would be used frequently, on a daily basis, as the main living areas such as the kitchen were situated on the first floor.

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Early in the project, it was determined that the most aesthetically pleasing solution would incorporate clean lines to the glass with as few joints as possible. From an interior design point of view, it was important not to show too much stainless steel structuring.

We achieved a smooth and clean finish by having the glass made only 10mm smaller than the finish floor level to ceiling height.

That height in itself was approximately 3000mm or just over 9 and a half feet. This meant we were operating on very tight margins but it would make for a more aesthetically pleasing, clean finish.

To keep this theme the lift car, car doors and landing doors were made to the same dimension. This meant that when the lift was at each floor, none of the car’s steel-work would be visible.

We looked closely into how we could mask all the mechanical parts for the lift. We found that by using bespoke round lift guides, a trailing cable wheel, under-door-operators and mirrored stainless steel, that we could achieve the most minimal visual impact.


The lift car was to be a place of comfort and exceptional experience whilst following the client’s need for transparency. We achieved this using curved structural glass from floor to ceiling. Added to this, car push buttons were cut direct into the glass. This avoided the usual stainless steel, push button plates.

Lighting was created using LED colour changing strip lights in both the ceiling and embedded within the curved stainless steel handrail. Bose speakers were used for the voice announcer. To keep the cabin wall design clean and simple, the emergency telephone was built into the floor of the lift.

The added wow factor came with the lift’s floor. The glass lift floor was laminated using an exact replica of the tiling from the landing floors. However, in a cut circular section, a TV was installed where, you could watch a feed from an aquarium played underfoot. Sharks, jellyfish and tropical fish swam by underneath as you traveled. All of this came accompanied by soothing, serene-mood-inducing music.

To create a seamless home experience, the home’s automated lighting system gets triggered by the lift’s arrival at the floor. This ensures that landing lights are always on when you arrive at your destination. These simple touches added to an elegant user experience.

For security, Premier Lift Group monitor the whole lift system remotely using our bespoke monitoring system. This system continually checks the lifts and reports, in real time, anything out of the ordinary. This information is relayed to our dedicated support team.

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