Vehicle lifts and
Hidden Elevator Garages

Our vehicle lift is a combination of high-level engineering, an evolving creative vision and partnerships with specialists from around the world. The unique car elevator technology not only increases parking space in private households and commercial spaces, but also brings unrivalled security for high value assets such as luxury cars and motor vehicles.

Car elevators seamlessly integrate with outdoor space

Our vehicle lifts are designed to be invisible when not in use. This means ensuring there’s a seamless integration with the outside space, whether that’s installing a hidden garage beneath a tiled driveway, a patch of gravel, or even another vehicle. In doing so, we’re able to maximise your outdoor space and provide anti-theft protection. This is also a great solution for those that live in areas with building restrictions that prevent traditionally closed garages. The dramatic reveal it offers has been refined by our talented team of designers and engineers, focusing on stability, precision and fluidity of motion.

Bespoke cabin interiors to meet aspirations

The cabin interiors of our hidden garages can be made bespoke to match your aspirations. Bringing together the finest materials, our expect designers and craftspeople work with you to create an uncompromising final product that fits the architectural space. Whether you want to use the underground garage as a showroom to display your treasured automobiles, or you’re more concerned about security, easy access and usability, we are committed to customising each residential car lift to meet the needs of our customers.

Adaptable car lift design for added functionality

Our vehicle lifts are just as adaptable in functionality as they are in size. Our experienced and skilled team of engineers have a comprehensive understanding of steel support structure design, delivering tailored solutions that can transport capacities of up to 7,000kg. We can also adapt the platform to meet various widths and lengths to ensure we create the best space-saving solution for your property.

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