Step & Incline

Elegant and convenient, our collection of incline lifts and step lifts transform properties, making them more accessible to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility. Our wheelchair lifts are designed for both residential and commercial use, ensuring maximum comfort and helping users to keep their independence.

Step lifts designed to complement environments

Designed to be both functional and stylish, we offer a variety of high-quality wheelchair lifts that can be tailored to perfectly complement the surrounding environment – no matter what the architectural style of the building is. Our collection allows for a number of bespoke options and, most importantly, the controls on our step lifts are always simple to use, giving disabled users maximum independence. A member of our team will be happy to go through the variety of high-end finishes and design options with you.

Quick installation to improve wheelchair access

The installation of an incline or step lift, whether mounted to a stairwell or built as a stand alone lift, can create a wheelchair friendly environment in a prompt and practical way. Our range of step lifts are engineered for quick installation in both indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike stairlifts, step lifts allow users to stay in their wheelchair for the duration of their journey, providing a simple and fuss-free way of navigating between floors.

Wheelchair lifts suitable for outdoor use

Whether you’re looking for a stylish mobility solution for your home or garden, or you’re a business that needs to provide disabled access from street level, outdoor wheelchair lifts need to stand the test of time. Our range of step lifts are made with durable and practical materials designed to handle adverse weather and temperature conditions. They can also be modified to suit any technical challenges presented by changes in levels where disabled access could be otherwise restrictive.

Wheelchair & disabled access solutions across the UK

Over the years, our specialist designers have gained great insight into the challenges facing wheelchair users. Our collection of wheelchair lifts are based on feedback from the people who benefit the most from their installation. We’ve also got you covered from a regulatory point of view, helping to ensure your building is fully compliant with the demands of the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of the Building Regulations.

step and incline

Explore our complimentary range of wheelchair lift brochures. If you would like to request a quotation or find out more about Premier Lift Group, contact our team.  

vpl custom

With class leading design and highly customisable, these low rise wheelchair lifts are a popular choice for many architects.


• Requires pit
• Fully bespoke option
• Rated load - 400 kg
• Max speed - 0.15 m/s
• For internal and external use
• Simple installation
• Residential or commercial use

vpl 150

The VPL 150 lift is a wheelchair lift, also known as a low rise platform lift, which provides internal or external vertical travel up to three meters with a rated load of 400kg.


• Beltdrive lift
• No machine room needed
• Cost effective
• Space saving
• Glass and steel finish options
• Up to 400KG
• Up to 3M

ascendor stairlift

The Ascendor stair lift can be installed onto a straight or curved staircase. Ideally suited to most external or internal environments.


• Wheelchair stair lift
• Up to 250KG weight
• Adaptable to various gradients
• Custom finishes are available
• Simple installation
• Outdoor and indoor use
• Energy efficient