Odeon Boutique Cinema Leicester Square


Premier were approached by Northern Building Design Associates the original designers of the Odeon Mezzanine Cinema which first opened in 1990, to look at the possibilities of providing full disabled access to all five screens in the newly refurbished and renamed Odeon Boutique cinema.

This was a particularly difficult task given the criteria that had to be met.


The lift would be in constant use so not only had to be aesthetically pleasing, but equally reliable, easy to use and robust. Our VPL500 Platform Lift ticked all the boxes.

Access Control

This Passenger Platform Lift had to accommodate all five screens which had to be strictly access controlled so only users with the valid film ticket could access that screen. We achieved this by using out unique I Control system that allows for multiple access control on multiple floors and entrances.

Structural and footprint restrictions

The building was originally constructed on a very narrow site so space was restricted. The proposed Platform Lift shaft area was made up from a disused fire escape and store cupboards which not only gave us footprint restrictions but also problems of how to support and secure the platform lift.

Working together with the architects NBDA and the structural engineers Furness Partnership a solution was achieved. We designed a frame that would both secure the lift and fit into the footprint we had for the shaft.

Low headroom

The lift had to service all floors which varied in ceiling height. The ground floor ceiling height in particular would not facilitate a standard door so again in conjunction with the design team we designed a custom built fire rated timber door that would overcome the problem.

Finish and design

The finish and design of the lift car, shaft panels and landing doors were extremely important to overall project. This stunning lift is situated at the heart of the building and only serves to significantly enhance and not detract from the overall aesthetics of this prestigious site.


The project was completed on time and on budget to the total satisfaction of both the client and their customers.

Job done!


“We didn’t think it would be possible to fulfill our design brief given the space restrictions on such a complex site. I am glad to say that Premier helped us achieve our vision by providing a solution tailored specifically to our needs, the lift is an asset to the building both in functionality and overall aesthetics”

Chris Tyrell NBDA Architects.