Necker Island


Sir Richard Bransons iconic private island is a truly amazing place. The Great House centrally located on Necker and its surroundings are as good as it gets exuding elegance in this absolute paradise. After the devastating fire in 2011 that razed the Great House to the ground a complete rebuild took place resulting in the ultimate Phoenix story.


The Brief

The new Great House stands tall and proud on its original site inspired by the Balinese style of its predecessor. The rebuild took just over two years to complete which given, the location of the Island is nothing more than a logistical triumph. The result in Sir Richard’s own words “it’s better than ever. The brand new Great House is the heart of the island and I’m thrilled with the results.”

The Island is at all times kept to the very highest of standards which is abundantly clear given the attention to every detail. The terrain on the Island is varied and can be challenging for wheel chair users and people with impaired mobility alike, something that Sir Richard proactively wanted to address as part of the new dawn for Necker.

the solution

In 2014 Premier Platform Lifts were chosen above all of our competitors to work on the Island’s phase 1 of improving disabled access starting with the Great House. Over the many discussions with the project management team it became very apparent the importance of making the house and eventually the key parts of the Island accessible for all.

Phase 1 was to position a lift providing access into the main circulation area of the Great House. The design had to be low profile with a custom RAL colour to blend in harmoniously with the surroundings. Although an internal installation, to ensure longevity we used a custom IPL100C external grade lift and rail. The IPL100C enabled the lift to be tucked away from view when not in use, but also have a very low visual impact when in use. All in all the perfect lift for this amazing house.