Kings Cross Academy

Kings Cross Academy is a school for deaf children on Stable Street in London. This state of the art school which was described by Ofsted as ‘’outstanding’’ provides students with the very best in facilities and education aiding in their development and skills.

Premier is proud to be a part of such a unique and cutting edge facility and congratulate both Carillion and David Morley Architects on the highly successful project delivering on time and budget.

The Brief

Premier Platform Lifts were approached by Award Winning Architectural Company David Morley Architects to find a solution that would in the simplest of terms provide transportation between floors, but also to create an environment within the lift car that would not cause any distress to the children whilst using the lift. In addition to this the structures for the lifts had to be designed in a way that would allow full view of the internal elements of the lift car by the teachers and carers within the building. Working closely with the main contract Carillion PLC and the design team we manage to exceed expectations and deliver two exceptional lifts to further enhance the overall project.

The Solution

The solution was our VPL800 Heavy Duty Platform Lift, due to the unique design, we found this the ideal solution. The VPL800 allows for a platform of up to 2200mm x 1100 mm, making it ideal for beds and large wheelchairs. The VPL800 only requires a pit of 120mm, even with such a high capacity load and a maximum travel of 14.6M.


This lift was installed by two of our in-house highly skilled teams of engineers. The site was vast and had its own logistical problems to overcome, but nothing too much for our lads……. The project was completed on time and within budget to the total satisfaction of all involved.