Two Bespoke Elevators at Lincoln’s Inn

History of the Inn: Origins

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn is one of the four Inns of Court in London to which Barristers of England and Wales belong and where they are called to the Bar.  The term “Lincoln’s Inn” refers to both the Society and the historical buildings that host the Society.  Lincoln’s Inn is recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious professional bodies of judges and lawyers (we’re going to need them if we are successfully going to exit the EU!)

Lincoln’s Inn is steeped in heritage and yet has moved with the times – continuing its role as a collegiate and educational institution, a membership organisation and a professional body – it also encompasses the roles of landlord, custodian of historic buildings, banqueting venue and a tourist attraction.  Close to Westminster, Lincoln’s Inn is located in Holborn in the London Borough of Camden.  It is believed ‘Lincoln’s Inn’ was named after Thomas de Lincoln, one of the ‘sarjeants-at-law‘ in the fourteenth century and while records go back to 1422, it is believed the formation of the society pre-dates this to the late part of the fourteenth century, as there is no recorded founding or dated charter.

The Brief

As part of Phase one of their major refurbishment, Lincoln’s Inn approached us to install two new lifts.  The first was a bespoke, two-stop, platform lift designed to service an entirely new commercial kitchen for the Old Hall and the second a four-stop bespoke lift to enable wheelchair access to the Crypt.  This second lift also substantively increases direct disabled access to the library’s book collection, increasing access from 30% to 80%.  Both lifts needed to be self-supporting and to enhance the unique décor of this historical site.  The listed nature of the building meant that planning was prolonged and stringent, however, we supported and adapted the plans to comply with regulation and still meet the societies aesthetic requirements.



The Solution

Lift 1

We designed an open style platform lift servicing 2 floors with one cabin entrance, with a capacity of 400kg, (maximum of five persons) to service the new commercial kitchen for the Old Hall.  The timber cladding inside the lift befitting the location and the digital displays and push button plates were in stainless steel.  For security purposes the lift was fitted with a unique key isolator system, ensuring only authorised personnel could use the lift.  See picture below of the lift midway through the build.

Lift 2

The second lift was also 400 kg (maximum of five persons) and also an open style platform lift, however, it needed to service 4 floors and required superior versatility to meet the requirements, hence it had 3 cabin entrances.  Like the first lift, it was an hydraulic powered, self-supporting structure and lift enclosure with autodialler in case of emergency.  The interior was very similar to lift 1 including the key isolator feature, with both lifts controls supplied in vandal proof materials and Braille indications to meet with DDA requirements.



Is scheduled for December 2017. We’ll keep you updated on progress and post more images as they become available!