ECO Platform Lifts are the right choice

eco700-dda-platform-liftOur ECO range of Platform Lifts increases the value of any property through simple tailor-made installations, both indoors and out. Available in versions from two to five floors, it is an ideal system both for renovation projects and for new buildings. No masonry work is required.

Convenient & Effortless

Quiet and discreet, it is absolutely convenient even for
transporting the shopping, child buggies, and any other
heavy or bulky item from one floor to another. With the ECO range, getting around a building could
not be easier.


Your property deserves a lift which is tailored to suit
you not only in its functions but also in its design and
personalised finishes; the colours and trims available ensure
your ECO700 Platform Lift or ECO600 Platform Lift is just as you want it, the perfect match for its context and your taste.


Our technology guarantees you a state of the art product from every point of view. The warranty allows you to cut servicing costs and enjoy all the benefits of quality construction.