8 questions to ask before installing a home lift

Installing a residential lift can help future-proof your home and ensure complete accessibility, making a lift a great long-term investment. Indeed, research has shown that it can boost a property’s value by up to 25%. However, considering the cost and the amount of work involved, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting from your provider.

So, before you decide to have a lift installed in your home, be sure to ask the following questions.

1. Which type of lift is most suitable for my home?

There is a massive range of residential lifts on the market, designed for a variety of uses from small incline and step lifts to larger passenger elevators. You should therefore choose one that fits your particular needs — for instance, you shouldn’t opt for a passenger lift when you only need a small step lift. Discuss your specific requirements with your provider, such as why you need a lift, who it is for and how many people will be using it. This will enable them to determine which lift will be suitable for your property. While it can help to do your own research, our technicians have significant experience in designing and installing lifts, and are perfectly placed to offer personalised, expert advice.

2. How much space will a lift take up?

It’s also crucial to find out the amount of space needed to install a lift in your property, which will depend on the type and model you wish to have in your home. For example, traction lifts tend to take up more space than hydraulic models, as they need an engine room to be installed overhead, and often have bulkier components. Conversely, platform lifts are usually smaller than passenger lifts, as they are designed to be used by fewer passengers, travelling shorter distances.

Here at Premier Lift Group, the smallest platform size of our Inclined platform lift is 830mm x 700mm, whereas the standard platform size of our ECO Home Lift is 1100mm x 1250mm, with scope to be made even larger. Space requirements are also affected by whether the lift is being installed internally or externally, as the latter won’t take up any floor space within your house. Premier Lift Group’s technicians can install a lift into any home, working carefully with the design of your building — feel free to explore projects of our previous work to see how we have adapted our approach to different customer needs.

Home lift being used by a family

3. What safety features does it have?

If your chosen company is unable to tell you if their lifts are safe, or you’re underwhelmed with their answer, then it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere. Every installation undertaken by Premier Lift Group is compliant with the relevant legislation surrounding elevators, including the Disability Discrimination Act, the Equality Act, Part M of the Building Regulations, EN81-1/2 the EN81-41 and the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.

In order to ensure safe installations, we always complete site surveys and risk assessments before giving a project the green light. We’ll then brief our draftsmen to create site-specific drawings which detail the building works required for that exact lift installation, further ensuring the safety of the process. Our team has worked on a range of different locations, sites, building types and working environments, so regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured that your residential lift will be safe to use.

4. Can I customise the lift?

Every home is different, in terms of style, decoration and size, and for many it’s important that a lift fits in, so you should always ask your lift supplier whether they offer customisation on their products. We allow our customers to customise every type of lift we install, giving them options related to size, material, colour and cabin finishes. For example, our Premier Home Liftcomes with options like LED Lighting and stainless steel or glass structures.

5. How much will a home lift cost?

Of course, cost is another crucial aspect to take into account, and should be agreed upon before work starts. The price will depend on factors like the type and size of lift, and the amount of building works required to install. External lifts are typically less expensive, since they can often simply be added onto a property, whereas internal lifts may necessitate more extensive work being done to a home. Here at Premier Lift Group, we are dedicated to installing functional, safe and stylish yet cost-effective lifts, and can cater to all budgets.

6. How much energy will a home lift use?

Your next consideration should be about how much energy your lift will need to function. This isn’t just a question for those who are environmentally-conscious, as it will also impact your energy bills. Premier Lift Group strives to make our lifts as energy efficient as possible — some of the measures we take to reduce energy usage include using LED platform lights, and implementing a standby mode. For example, our Premier Home Lift uses fewer than 170 watts for each 100kg of rated load.

7. How long will a home lift take to install?

This is a key consideration, as certain parts of your home may be rendered out of bounds while the lift is being installed, depending on the elevator type and where it is being placed. And although models like our Premier Home Lift only need a few days to install, others can take several weeks. By asking in advance about how long the installation process will take, you will have enough time to prepare contingency plans. For example, you may have to book time off work or make alternative sleeping arrangements while engineers are working in your home.

8. What customer service will I receive?

Like any machinery, even the most well-designed and installed lifts can run into problems from time to time, with common faults including worn sheaves, bearing malfunctions and power failures. Lifts also require regular maintenance, though how often your lift should be serviced will depend on factors like the type of lift, how frequently it is used and the number of floors it serves.

As such, it’s important that you ask your lift provider whether repairs and servicing are offered as part of their work. All Premier Lift Group products come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty, which includes at least two service visits, and the option for more, depending on the lift. We also offer other aftercare packages which include additional service visits and 24/7, year-round call out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to receive examples of our maintenance packages, or if you have any other questions about our services.


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