Welcoming Rob McNeill to the Team

Q&A with Rob McNeill, Premier’s newest team member.


So Rob, tell us a bit about your background:

Hi! Well I began in banking, but after taking a year off to travel around the world, I realised that banking wasn’t something I really enjoyed. I then moved into Sales really cut my teeth in leisure and then media sales. However, I’ve always had a passion for all things engineering, and so when the chance came a few years ago to train as a lifts engineer I decided to go for it. I spent four years training as a lift technician, learning about all the necessary aspects of lift installation.

Then not too long a go, a back injury put paid to that work. I couldn’t bend, or lift anything! So now I’m happiest combining my two areas of training, lift engineering and sales. My technical training ¬†means that I’m a better sales person. And I love what I do I find having in depth knowledge of the product means I can help any client find the best solution for their project.

So what do you do for fun?

I’ve played football my whole life. And even though my body tells me otherwise, I can’t stay away. I like to stay active and have recently taken up Cricket since moving to my village in Kent, which was a great way for me to connect with people and also stay fit and active. I love travel, and meeting people with varied perspectives.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Premier?

I enjoy the social aspect of the role, getting out and meeting some really accomplished architects, designers, consultants and end users. Each project is entirely unique – and no two conversations are the same. I like the way Simon and Nigel view their business and admire their drive to ensure we are industry leaders in our field. Being part of a small but focused team that works with quality products was key to me joining.

What are your core strengths?

My ability to connect with most people I meet on a personal level is what I believe helps me to understand the requirement of the client and to deliver the best possible product / service. I like to view myself as an outgoing character with energy, drive and passion for everything I am involved with.