Video: Introducing K-Motion from Premier Lift Group

Check Out Our New Product Video: The K-Motion

The K-Motion was launched at Interlift 2017. Held at the Augsburg Exhibition Centre in Germany, Interlift is the world’s leading trade fair for the lift industry. K-Motion is our range of traction lifting platforms designed in partnership with our award-winning Italian lift partners, Gruppo Millepiani. Since its launch, K-Motion has evolved in design and manufacture. Today, it has become Premier Lift Group’s signature product and its unparalleled customisation has made it our most popular design ever.

The K-Motion comes with high-end and bespoke features, nanotechnology, voice activation and incredible finish options, all at the most affordable level of the market. To demonstrate its features, we recently created a brand new product video. This video showcases the minimalist design, vast range of finishes and demonstrates both internal and external residential and commercial use.

You can watch the video in its entirety at the bottom of the page but first we wanted to share a little bit more about our K-Motion range.

Designed in Partnership with Gruppo Millepiani

Gruppo Millepiani is a well recognised name in the design and manufacture of luxurious elevators. Their client portfolio includes some of the world’s most prestigious designers and architects. Since 2015, Premier Lift Group has enjoyed a hugely successful partnership with Gruppo Millepiani. Our collaboration with this design leader has lead to the development of K-Motion, one of the best traction lifting platform on the market today.

With K-Motion, we wanted to prove that something smart and inexpensive can still have state-of-the-art design. In producing the K-Motion, Premier Lift Group has brought the same focus, energy and attention to detail that it places on premium products but produced a lift that is more affordably priced.

Vast Range of Bespoke Features and Finishes

The K-Motion is a truly economical solution with low energy consumption, space saving design and super-simple installation. On top of this, every K-Motion is built with up to 98% of recyclable materials and is characterised by the complete absence of the machine room. However, what makes K-Motion stand out even more is its unrivalled level of customisation. The range can be customised with stainless steel or glass finishes and installed with the latest in leading edge technology.

Since launching in 2017, K-Motion has been designed with an advanced human interface and fingerprint reader for access control, a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool for mobile phones and UMTS remote monitoring system that allows full off site diagnostics of the lift. We’ve also fitted several installations with multi-language voice announcer, built-in music, full display and full led illumination.

The plus line offers nanotech material that ensures small scratches disappear using the heat and small movements of the standard cleaning process. The nanotech material allows a different user experience when inside the cabin, with a higher design level due to the low light reflection with its extreme opaque surface, anti-fingerprint and soft touch sensation. The specially designed illumination, colour combinations for walls, floors and doors, and command shapes gives a wide sense of space and personality.

See for yourself, the outstanding range of finishes and bespoke features, by checking out the video below.  We hope you enjoy it.

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