A Closer Look at our Range of Platform Lifts

A Closer Look at our Range of Platform Lifts

At Premier Lift Group, we have a range of stylish and functional platform lifts. We put together this post for those that are interested in installing a platform lift but are unsure of what styles are available. The below options will give you a better feel for the options available to you. If you would like to know more about the specifics, and what lift best suits your building, our team of experts are more than to guide you through the whole process.  

For now, here is a list of some of our most popular platform lifts. 


The K-Motion Platform Lift


K-Motion, which is part of our own range of lifts, finds the perfect balance between high-tech and eco-friendly. The K-Motion is proof that something smart and inexpensive can still have a state-of-the-art design. This lift is made with up to 98% recyclable materials. Powered with a monophasic domestic supply, the K-Motion can be compared as any other household appliance. It has a reduced consumption by 50% when compared with traditional lifting systems with geared machines and up to 75% if compared to hydraulic systems.

This lift is characterised by the complete absence of the machine room and its super simple installation process. All our lifting platforms can be completely tailored to the client’s special requests in terms of finishes and materials. There is a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool that means any problems can be identified off-site. Other hi-tech customisations include  a fingerprint reader, a voice announcer in multiple languages, built-in music, and full LED illumination. 

The plus line offers nanotech material that ensures small scratches disappear using the heat and small movements of the standard cleaning process. A wide range of skinplates, steels and finishes are also available. 


Our ECO Platform Lifts


Similar in makeup and design, the ECO600 and ECO700  are incredibly energy efficient and environmentally friendly options. The key features of these lifts are the unique MRL belt traction systems, with no machine room requirements. Our ECO platform lifts offer the type of functionality that you’d expect from a high-end cabin platform lift, at an affordable price.

Both the ECO600 and ECO700 have LED lighting, stainless steel and glass options, and come with over 100 different configurations possible. Unlike other platform lifts, the ECO600 and ECO700 run with one touch operation (when a cabin door is fitted), removing the need to hold the button to operate the lift. It operates in the exact same way as a passenger lift.

In the Chapel Gallery (design pictured above), we were tasked with installing a platform lift. This lift was required so that people with impaired mobility could access the gallery. Being installed in a gallery setting, aesthetics were incredibly important for the client. It was vital that the lift complemented the surrounding architecture, which was mainly glass. The best fit for this project was the ECO700, because it’s aesthetically pleasing but also reliable and energy efficient. 

The final design ticked all the boxes set out by the architect. The glass design gave the lift a spacious feel. The telescopic doors allowed for conventional lift controls, which enhanced the user experience. Ultimately, the ECO700 added to the aesthetics of the gallery, while increasing accessibility.


The Passenger 42 Platform Lift


The P42 Passenger lift is unique in that every part of it is adaptable. Whether it’s the size of the car, type of door, finish, shaft type or drive system, it can be changed to fit your requirements and allows for a multitude of environments. 

It’s ideal for both private establishments and commercial buildings. There are also some unique and technological ways it can overcome architectural barriers, such as having a doorless cab with an infrared barrier and manual push button.


Lincoln’s Inn – Platform Lift Case Study


A good example of the versatility available in designing platform lifts came when we carried out a double installation on the Lincoln Inn. Premier Lift Group was tasked with the installation of two new lifts in the inn. One of these lifts was for the new kitchen for the Old Hall, and the other to enable wheelchair access to the Crypt.

The first was a bespoke, two-stop, platform lift. The open style platform lift came with timber cladding, stainless steel push button plates and displays. This style fit in with the aesthetic of the building. As this lift serviced the kitchen, it was fitted with a unique key isolator system, ensuring only authorised personnel could use the lift.

The second lift was especially important because it increased disabled access to the crypt from 30% to 80%. Also open style, it was designed with 3 cabin entrances and a self-supporting structure. The lift’s style was very similar to the first one, fitting in with its environment whilst keeping in with the feel and aesthetic. 

Lincoln's Inn, Bespoke Lift Installation


Check out the full range of platform lifts


When it comes to designing your platform lift, there are a plethora of options available to you. In this post we covered a handful but if you’d like to see the full range you can do so by checking out our dedicated Platform Lifts page.

If you have any questions or would like us to go through the design process with you, please get in touch through our Contact page