Reach new levels: choosing the right lift for your building

Hand crafted custom built circular liftMany businesses could benefit from having lift facilities within their workplace, but some are put off by the idea of an obtrusive eyesore that invades valuable workspace. At Premier Platform Lifts we know that the perfect lift solution should complement the aesthetics of the workplace environment. With that in mind we’ve put together a brief guide on what kind of lift may suit the aesthetics of your building:

Use step lifts to provide disabled access

Buildings that have steps leading up to its entrance need to provide disabled access. Many buildings have ramps of a 1:12 gradient installed and while these are efficient for disabled users, ramps can often take up precious space on the exterior of a building. Step lifts provide an ideal alternative as they do not compromise the layout of your entrance.

In buildings that only have a few steps or slight incline, for instance the entrance to an art gallery or shop, small lifts can be installed to help with disabled access. A bespoke step lift can be specifically designed to accommodate the structure of your building’s entrance without disrupting the existing features.

Use discovery lifts to emphasise glass architecture

Reducing the environmental impact of a building is one of the biggest challenges facing modern architects.

One of the most efficient ways of doing this is by amplifying natural light. Not only does this reduce reliance on electrical lighting, researchers have found a strong correlation between exposure to natural light during office hours and higher levels of productivity.

Many modern offices use sustainable glass panelling to encourage the flow of natural light. The transparent, ethereal nature of glass allows architects to convey modernity and sophistication, while incorporating green design features to improve a building’s sustainability.

In glass buildings with architectural prowess, the idea of spoiling it with a metal lift can be off-putting. However, the Discovery lift can be custom designed to keep in with the building’s architectural style. This makes it the perfect addition to a predominantly glass structure, complementing the transparent aesthetic and providing 360 degree panoramic views.

Use passenger lifts to provide lift access in low rise buildings

In buildings with few floors, fitting a lift into the restricted space can be challenging. Buildings of less than 35 metres in height, both residential and commercial, are classified as low rise. Many high street shops and smaller office premises are therefore classified as low rise buildings. Despite the limited space, these premises are obliged to provide lift access in order to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Smaller passenger lifts are suitable for low rise buildings as they overcome architectural barriers. The best choice is the Passenger 42 which is well-suited for buildings with restricted space. This elevator is designed to match your space and can be adapted to the limited room without compromising on headroom.

Use high-speed lifts in multi-story buildings

High-speed lifts are an essential feature of multi-story buildings. Elevators are often described as a high rise building’s main artery, as they are pivotal in providing the quick, convenient and safe transportation of passengers between floors.

There are a number of suitable options to choose from when it comes to choosing an efficient elevator in a high rise building. Hydraulic lifts are a great choice as they are low maintenance and energy efficient. Alternatively, a Traction lift is able to make more stops and can ascend and descend as far as 30 metres. Along with being efficient, these lifts have a state-of-the-art control system and can be utilised as passenger lifts or widened for cargo.

Use home lifts to improve mobility around your house

Finding a lift solution that suits the style and structure of your home can be difficult. Furthermore, the

Lifts can provide easy access around your home, but finding a solution that suits the style and structure of your home can be difficult. Furthermore, the disruption to your daily routine during a lifts installation can prove to be problematic.

Stepping away from stair-lifts, investing in a home lift is a great solution to increase mobility around the house. Quick installation and quiet drive system means these lifts will cause little interference to your day-to-day life, while custom finishes such as LED lights and steel or glass features can be designed to blend into your home decor.