ECO Passenger Platform Lifts

eco700h-dda-platform-liftDid you know that a Platform Lift can now be supplied with the same features and user controls as a Passenger Lift?

In the 20+ years since Platform Lifts first came onto the global market they have developed into highly sophisticated solutions which in most applications up to 13m travel prove to be superior to Passenger Lifts.

Premier range of Platform Lifts includes models with full stainless steel sliding car doors and cabins, along with full passenger lifts controls that only have to be pressed once to operate. Now add the super energy efficiency of our latest models and not only do you have a lift that is a pleasure to use, but you also have class leading aesthetics and the lowest cost of ownership on the market.

An example of this would be the ECO700 Platform Lift that comes with all the above features including the ECO designation. The drive system is unique and operates in almost silence and is highly energy efficient.