Bespoke Lifts: Multi-Floor Circular Luxury Lift

Not all lifts have to be rectangular!

As part of our Bespoke range we can design a lift to most shapes available and sizes.

These lifts are a real design statement and are generally for higher end bespoke home or retail projects where a specific shape is required to fit an opening in a staircase .

Fully bespoke and custom built to your requirements, our luxury circular lifts can be manufactured in wide range of materials to suit all aesthetic aspirations and can serve multi floors/levels with one or two cabin entrances. These unique High luxury products be installed as a traditional passenger lift certified to EN81-1/2, travelling up to speeds of 2m per second, if you can achieve the required pit and headroom requirements in line with regulations. If building constrains the headroom or pit depth, then we can of course design around this issue and certify under the Machinery Directive 2006-42, reducing the speed within regulations but delivery the look and design you require.

Drive systems

These luxury lifts can be supplied with a borehole hydraulic drive, traction drive or conventional traction drive.

Matching Structure

The structure for the lift can be manufactured to the building and follow the lines of the lifts or the building as required.

Bespoke Finishes

These luxury lifts are designed to your needs and specifications, so we can add any finishes required.

Minimum impact design

We can offer options such as under car door operators, wireless car buttons, full glass lift cars in order minimise the impact of the lift.