Incline Lifts & Step Lifts: IPL 100 Inclined Platform Lift

Ideal for straight stairs, Premier Lifts’ IPL100 Inclined Platform Stairlift is safe and very simple to operate. Ideally suited to most external or internal environments and with fully automatic barrier arms and a platform that folds to a low profile when not in use, the IPL100 platform lift allows other stair users to pass with ease.

Straight Stairs, Fitted Effortlessly

Our stylish range of platform stairlifts enable a wheelchair user to traverse straight stairs. The IPL100 for straight stairs is fully automatic with electronically controlled platforms and barrier arms which neatly fold away against a smooth operating rail when not in use, leaving the maximum width of the remaining stairway for pedestrians. It creates an ideal solution for low rise applications and we install a range of configurations to suit all budgets and requirements.

Space Saving Contemporary Designs

Low profile class leading designs ensure a practical and unobtrusive system.

Various Platform Sizes

With a range of platform sizes from Part M compliant to ultra compacts we can supply the ideal solution for your needs.

Rapid Installation

The IPL100C platform stairlifts can be either floor or wall mounted and installed within two days by our fully trained installation engineers. The only requirement is a dedicated single phase power supply adjacent to the lift.

Safety First

All extreme edges of the platform have pressure sensors which immediately stop the lift if touched.

Technical Specs

Rated load



Rack and Pinion

Control System

Hold To Run

Platform sizes

1050mm x 770mm
830mm x 700mm
1250mm x 800mm




Single phase 240V

Number of Stops