Eco-elevators: providing environmentally friendly lift solutions for businesses

With climate change continuing to permeate the news headlines, pressure is building upon businesses to adopt sustainable strategies and reduce their respective carbon footprints. Green office design has grown from niche enterprise to major industry as more and more architects create workplaces that limit environmental impact.

Aside from ecological issues, it is in every business’s financial interests to operate from a sustainable building. Energy efficient offices use 75% less energy than the average workplace, meaning organisations can reduce costs by up to 10%. One way to contribute to the eco-friendliness of your building is to install a more sustainable lift system.

Eco platform lifts reduce impact on the environment

Premier Platform Lifts was the first company to introduce eco-lifts in the form of the ECO700, ECO600 Platform Lift, and the ECO700H and ECO600H home lifts. Eco-lifts are designed from the ground up to be the best in class, indistinguishable from a conventional high-end passenger lift, but available for significantly less.

Eco-lifts eliminate the need for hydraulic oil, instead using a more sustainable belt drive traction system. Hydraulic lifts rely on a large tank filled with oil, which, given that it needs to be changed at regular intervals, is particularly harmful for the environment. Furthermore, with hydraulic systems there is an ever present threat of leakage due to worn out gaskets and couplings.

Eco-lifts have several financial advantages

Aside from being an eco-friendly alternative, the belt drive traction system of these lifts offers a number of significant, cost-saving structural advantages. For instance, the drive and the control system are integrated into the lift’s design, removing the need for a separate machine box saving space on space and installation costs.

Maintenance costs are also much lower than those of hydraulic lift solutions. Oil no longer needs to be replaced, nor do leaking gaskets or deteriorating couplings, and the electric drive means the intermittent replacement of hydraulic hoses and carrier cables is no longer an issue.

Eco-lifts can be designed to complement any environment

When loaded, hydraulic systems tend to compress and sink slightly, meaning the lift needs to be adjusted with the help of a level control. Optional motor frequency control offers eco-lift passengers a smoother journey, departing and stopping with precision and shock-free movement. This provides extra safety and stability for older and disabled passengers.

The belt drive traction system also ensures that this through-floor lift is almost silent in operation and with options such as LED lighting, stainless steel and glass framework, an eco-lift can be a stylish and inconspicuous addition to any building.

Installation is simple as building work is minimal. Complete installment usually takes between three to four days, with minimal interference to your building ensuring you can continue daily proceedings unimpeded.