Disabled Access – Still A Major Problem

Recent reports have shown that there is a serious problem with regard to disabled access throughout Ireland and the UK. While laws such as the Equality Act of 2010 have brought about reforms and change with regard to the level of disabled access present throughout Ireland and the UK, major access problems still exist and do so on a large scale.

It is important to mention that is not just adults who are affected by this lack of disabled access but people of all ages including children and the elderly.

This lack of disabled access not only hinders access to certain area and the entitlement of those who are affected to move about freely, it also hinders their personal development, their education, their ability to work and sometimes it can even threaten their lives.

We have created this infographic to help our followers and clients alike to become more informed of the injustice and discrimination currently faced by those who are disabled within the UK and Ireland.

Please share this infographic and help us to generate more awareness of the problems facing disabled people throughout Ireland and the UK.

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