Goods Lifts: Hercules Goods Passenger Lift

The Hercules Good passenger lift is a versatile solution for commercial goods and passenger transportation. It is designed to the clients individual needs and is ideal for movement of large volumes of goods in industrial situations, hospitals, hotels and retail situations and can also be used for the movement of vehicles.

The size of the lift car and loads are designed to meet the individual project . After assessing each project we can provide the ideal solution to meet your requirements .

Dependant on the load and travel it can be offered in either a Traction or Hydraulic solution.

Designed to meet customers requirements

The Hercules is truly adaptable, we will design a lift to the load, size and entrance configuration your project requires.

Full Range of Finishes

We can offer a full range of finishes from a standard lift that is primarily passenger use to more robust goods that are for industrial use.

Options of Drive System

We can supply a Hydraulic or Traction drive and will advise the best system to use subject to the project requirements.

Technical Specs

Rated Load

500kg to 10MT


Full one touch

Max Travel

As required


0.5m/s to 1m/s


3 Phase 400V

Max Number of Stops

As required

Pit Depth

Dependent on size

Car Size

As required


As required