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Our Collection of Service & Goods Lifts

Exceptional goods lifts that are integrated seamlessly into any work environment with minimum distraction, allowing your business to focus on what matters most.

At Premier Lift Group, we understand what is most important to organisations in the goods and services industry. We have installed goods lifts into hospitals, hotels and retail outlets all over the UK. We appreciate the value placed on safety, reliability and efficiency. All our lifts are fully compliant with all regulations as standard.  

When installing goods lifts into a business, we put a huge emphasis on minimising downtime and disruption. With all installations we work around your schedule and employee’s workflow. All our goods lifts are designed and installed in a quick and efficient manner.

Premier Lift Group provide industry leading after-sales support. After working with UK businesses for decades we retain an impeccable maintenance and support record.

Ongoing and dedicated support ensures that our goods lifts continue to operate in a controlled and non-invasive fashion.

At Premier Lift Group, the mark of a successful goods lift installation is one that is based around seamless integration. The goods lift is installed with minimum distraction and is incorporated into the workflow as if always there. This is something we try to achieve with each and every installation.

We offer a range of affordable and reliable goods lift solutions. Our collection of goods lifts can be customised to perfectly complement your building’s identity, image and style.

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty vehicle lift or a high quality steel dumbwaiter lift, we have the goods lift solution to match.

If you would like to request a quotation or find out more about Premier Lift Group, contact our team on 0203 355 0523 or [email protected]

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Our range ofGoods Lifts

Goods Passenger Lift

A Goods Passengers is a heavy duty lift that facilitates the movement of both goods and people. A Goods Passenger is robust and durable enough to carry large quantities of heavy materials. This is in contrast to a standard passenger lift which is designed to transport individuals only. It is also different to a strictly goods lift or industrial lift, which might only be regulated to carry certified attendants or goods only. The Goods Passenger Lift is also very adaptable, with a wide range of styles, finishes and interiors.

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  • Available in multiple cabin dimensions
  • Highly adaptable
  • Range of bespoke finishes
  • Rated load - 1000kg
  • Max speed - 0.15 m/s
  • For commercial use

Hercules Goods Passenger Lift

Our Hercules Goods Passenger Lift collection are devised for use with a qualified attendant. Designed to accommodate a more robust range of goods, the Hercules Goods Passenger Lifts are typically used in storage facilities, hospitals and industrial settings. These goods lifts can be designed and finished to meet your organisation’s requirements.

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  • Highly customised sizes
  • Rated load - 500 kg to 10MT
  • Max speed - 0.5m/s to 1 m/s
  • For commercial and industrial use
  • Hydraulic or traction drive
  • Full range of finishes

ISO-Max Goods Lifts

A larger, industrial-sized goods lift that brings our collection into the ‘freight elevator’ category. This collection of goods lifts are generally used in warehouses, factories and other industrial settings. Commonly associated with the movement of goods via forklift, where the forklift can enter the cabin along with a more robust variety of goods. When compared to other freight elevators, this range offers a more compact construction and space-saving installation.

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  • Suitable for vehicle transportation
  • Rated load - 500 kg to 10MT
  • Max speed - 0.5m/s to 1m/s
  • For industrial use
  • Hydraulic or traction drive

Service Lifts

Our Service Lifts, or Dumbwaiters, are smaller lifts used in commercial or residential settings. Premier Lift Group has become a market leading provider of service lifts through focusing on quality and technical functionality. Our Service Lifts are ideal for the transportation of everything from food, laundry to beer crates and barrels. Our highly adaptable range of Service Lifts can be tailored to fit any environment.

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  • Used with smaller loads
  • Max speed - 0.3 m/s to 0.45 m/s
  • For commercial and residential use
  • Hydraulic or traction drive
  • Quick and simple installation


Lincoln's Inn

Bespoke Elevators for a Historic Venue

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn is one of the four Inns of Court in London. We were approached to design a bespoke two-stop platform lift, as well as a bespoke lift which allows wheelchair access to the crypt.


Royal Britannia MV Fingal

A First for Scotland’s Hotel Sector

The Premier Lift Group were commissioned to design and install a stunning glass art deco inspired elevator, bespoke in every detail, for a "boatique hotel" development set to transform Scotland's hotel sector.

Bespoke circular lift, Cheshire, UK

Private Cheshire Residence

Circular Lift for Million Pound Home

In collaboration with NC Architects, a leading designer home architectural firm, we created a stunning circular glass lift with self-supporting structure and wireless car controls set within the glass cabin walls.


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