Service & Goods Lifts

Premier Platform Lifts keep our goods and service lifts running smoothly, so that you can focus on doing the same for your business.

Premier Platform Lifts offer the best in safe and reliable elevator installation, supplying technologically advanced lifts to a wide range of industries across the UK. Our service lifts have a range of special lift features which can be installed and highly tailored to suit the goods transportation needs of your company.

Within our goods lifts collection, you will find space saving installation options, self-supporting galvanised steel structures, and many other design features to make your transportation tasks less challenging and more secure.

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty vehicle lift or want us to provide a high quality steel dumbwaiter lift, we have the goods lift design and installation solution to match.

Premier Platform Lifts are market leaders, and have been designing and building
service lift installations for many years. From highly customised finishes to swift and tidy installation we strive to ensure that all your requirements are met by the finished product.

Click through to our service lift and goods lift product pages to download a brochure, or browse our product galleries.

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Goods Passenger

Durably designed for the transportation of goods and people up to 1,000kg...

Hercules Goods Passenger Lift

Designed to offer a reliable and strong solution in goods and passenger transport...

ISO-Max Goods Lift

A goods only lift with two fixed cabin areas and a variable cabin height...

Service Lifts

Service lifts cater for every lifting requirement from food, laundry and documents...