Circular Glass Lift For Multi-Million Pound Private Cheshire Residence

Private Residence in Cheshire

This is a multi-million pound new build, on an existing site, in a beautiful part of the Cheshire countryside.  The house was designed by one of the country’s leading designer-home-build architects, NC Architecture, encompassing all the latest technology and interior refinements expected of a house of this grandeur.  


The Brief

The circular glass lift and shaft is to be positioned in the full-height, four-story South Atrium.  The visual impact through the atrium had to be minimal, requiring a self-supporting glass structure with the least amount of steel support as possible.  Furthermore, the car was also to be of the same frameless design with wireless car controls set into the circular glass cabin walls.

The Solution

Over many months and numerous design meetings, we developed a concept that, when installed, would have almost zero visual impact, providing a clear view from the atrium. The lift and shaft were supported by using circular stainless steel ring-beams at each floor.

The lift was driven by a single under-car direct-acting piston, bored down nine metres into the fine, Cheshire earth!  The door operators were inverted under the car in order to avoid cumbersome and unsightly mechanical parts on view above the lift car.  This provided a lift solution without any moving mechanical parts above the car floor in order to create an aesthetically pleasing visual centrepiece.


Phase 1 – piston installation, June 2017