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The Premier Lift Group introduces K-Motion

The best traction lifting platform available on the market, with low energy consumption, space saving and super-simple installation, resulting in a true economical solution. K-Motion is characterised by the complete absence of the machine room. It was developed with the use of a highly efficient gear-less motor, counterweights, a low pit of only 100mm, and low headroom of 2450mm. Polyurethane coated ropes ensure a noise free experience. It has a low energy consumption that represents less than 170 watts for each 100 kg of rated load, and a stand-by mode giving complete energy efficiency.

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The K-Motion lifting platform has a reduced consumption by 50% when compared with traditional lifting systems with geared machines and up to 75% if compared to hydraulic systems.

With an advanced human interface that stars from a COP that provides a scrolling button for an unparalleled destination selection experience, a fingerprint reader for access control and for a direct call, multi-language voice announcer, built-in music, full display and full led illumination.

The leading technology inside the K-Motion goes beyond and offers a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool for mobile phones and the UMTS remote monitoring system that allows full off site diagnostics of the lift. Every K-Motion is built with up to 98% of recyclable materials, because there is no way to lead without environment respect and being eco-friendly. Powered with a monophasic domestic supply, the K-Motion can be compared as any other household appliance.


Installation is simple as building work is minimal, just a low pit is required, and headroom requirements are very low. Standard installation usually takes just 3-4 days, with minimal interference to your building or the surrounding area.


The K-Motion is proof that something smart and inexpensive can still have a state-of-the-art design. In the Basic line K-Motion is able to offer a wide range of skinplates and steels. The plus line offers nanotech material that ensures small scratches disappear using the heat and small movements of the standard cleaning process. The nanotech material also allows a different user experience when inside the cabin, with a higher design level due to the low light reflection with its extreme opaque surface, anti-fingerprint and soft touch sensation. The specially designed illumination, colour combinations for walls, floors and doors, and command shapes gives a wide sense of space and personality. All our lifting platforms can be completely tailored to the client’s special requests in terms of finishes and materials.


Kings Cross Academy

Kings Cross Academy | in collaboration with David Morley Architects

The Premier Lift Group Lifts was approached by Award Winning Architectural Company David Morley Architects to find a solution that would in the simplest of terms provide safe, state of the art transportation for the Academy pupils.

London Trocadero

Trocadero London | in collaboration with Panter Hudspith Architects

The Premier Lift Group was approached by Panter Hudspith Architects to find a solution to overcome the issue of providing full disabled access, as part of the long awaited refurbishment of the world famous Trocadero.

Fitzrovia apartments

Fitzrovia Apartments

Premier was approached to provide a solution for two areas on this development. The first task was to provide a lift for the Grade II listed waiting hall that would not impact on the building fabric and also be integral to the high grade finishes within the building.


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