Premier Lift Group’s Proud Health and Safety Record

Premier Lift Group recently celebrated its five hundredth lift installation in the UK, surpassing one thousand completed projects when including our Irish division. Since commencing operations over five years ago, Premier Lift Group has been involved in some remarkable projects. Our team was part of volunteer-led effort to rebuild a community centre for those affected by the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. We’ve worked in Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, as the club increased its capacity for wheelchair users

In that time, Premier Lift Group went from being solely lift installer to also being a lift producer as we introduced our own range of traction lifting platforms, the K-Motion. Designed in partnership with Gruppo Millepiani, the K-Motion has become one of our most popular lifts. This range is proof that something smart and inexpensive can still have a state-of-the-art design.

One of the aspects that still manages to bring us the greatest satisfaction, is our immaculate health and safety record. Since its inception, Premier Lift Group has never had any health and safety issues to report. This applies to both British and Irish projects. This is immensely rewarding as we’ve always placed a huge focus on in this area. We pride ourselves in being proactively health and safety conscious. 


A Strong Health and Safety Philosophy Starts with Our People


The main responsibility for health and safety lies firstly with the Managing Director and secondly with the Board of Directors. Outside of this our focus on health and safety starts with our lift engineers. We regularly review and monitor performance both in house and industry standards to promote best practice. Each month members of our team embark on intensive training days and health and safety courses. It is not uncommon for our engineers to visit our manufacturers to keep up-to-speed on the latest innovations, safety procedures and installation best practices. 

We are very fortunate that our team members treat health and safety training with the utmost seriousness and continually demonstrate a strong desire to learn. Along with this, while on site, company employees agree to comply with their individual duties under both the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This is laid out as part of their contract of employment.

Regulatory compliance is another area that we take particular pride in. No matter the project, our team ensure that all regulations are complied with accordingly. Our senior executives and head engineers understand the nuance of all regulatory requirements. Our senior members are known industry-wide for displaying outstanding regulatory expertise. This deep understanding means that every installation can be executed in the most efficient and professional manner. This level of proficiency is a primary reason why we’ve gained a reputation for undertaking even the most challenging briefs. 



Premier Lift Group’s Health and Safety Policy

Maintaining a clean health and safety record has been achieved through a strict adherence to our own health and safety policy. Through this policy, we have made a commitment to meeting our responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work, Etc. Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (as amended), and associated protective legislation. 

As mentioned previously, our Health and Safety policy is implemented from the inside out. 


  • We first go to great lengths to ensure our employees, and subcontractors, maintain a safe working environment. 
  • All requirements under applicable Health and Safety legislation are complied with by all employees of the company and any subcontractors. 
  • All employees and subcontractors are made aware of the information contained in our health and safety policy.
  • All sites promote a safe and healthy working environment, for both those working within it and the outside public.

Further to this, Premier Lift Group prevents accidents from occurring by ensuring all staff comply with our health and safety policies and adequate training is provided. In terms of the site itself, we ensure that risk assessment and method statements are undertaken prior to commencing work. The final layer of protection and accident prevention comes in ensuring all protective equipment is worn by staff and those that come on site, at all times. 

When installing lifts, health and safety is paramount. Our clean record is something we hold dear and are proactive in maintaining it. We take immense pleasure in being recognised as industry leaders in this regard. Long may it continue. 

To learn more about our health and safety procedures, you can visit our About Us page. Here, not only do we share information about our company background but regulations, policies, pre-installation procedures and delivery and installation guidelines we abide by.