ECO600 Platform Lift

Premier Platform Lifts UK introduce the new innovative ECO600 Platform Lift, suitable for both Public Access and Residential/Home environments. Designed to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and meeting Part M of the Building Regulations.

Best in class

The ECO600 Platform Lift was designed from the ground up to be the best in class, and it shows on every level.

Full lift car

The moment you open the glazed swing doors and enter the full lift car it is obvious that you are travelling in a superior product.

One touch operation

Unlike other platform lifts, the ECO600 runs with one touch operation (when cabin door is fitted), removing the need to hold the button to operate the lift, the same system as a passenger lift.

Unique drive system

At the heart of this lift is the unique MRL belt drive traction system, with an ECO designation; signifying that this is also a platform lift with class leading credentials when it comes to the environment. The belt drive traction system ensures that this through-floor lift is almost silent in operation.

Simple Installation

Installation is simple as building work is minimal, just a low pit is required, and headroom requirements are very low. A standard Premier Platform Lifts installation usually takes just 3-4 days, with minimal interference to your building or the surrounding area, making sure that you get to carry on with your daily life.

Custom configuration

The ECO600 Platform Lift has options such as LED Lighting, and stainless steel and glass structures. It will harmonise with any building, whether traditional or modern. The platform lift also has an array of non-standard custom finishes to choose from, and over 100 different configurations are possible.

Exceeds all legislation requirements

The ECO600 also meets all the latest standards for disabled access lifts and it exceeds the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Part M of the Building Regulations, and the latest European EN 81:41.

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